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Hello, and welcome to the ever-expanding list of UI text resources. Here you’ll find recommendations for articles and books, tools used for wireframing and prototyping, writing and editing tools, and how to get started with voice and tone.

This list is a community effort. Thank you to everyone who contributed by writing these articles and books and created these resources. Your words are helping shed light on a UX discipline that might otherwise go unnoticed. And of course, if there’s something you think should be on this list, let me know and I’ll gladly add it.

You’ll find this list useful if:

  • You’re a writer working directly with an interface
  • You’re a designer that is often tasked with writing UI text
  • You’re a content strategist working on a product and want to learn more about the words used in an interface
  • You’re a copywriter and want to learn more about user experience

How to get the most out of this list:

  1. Save it. And refer back to it often.
  2. Share it. Let’s see this get out into the wild.
  3. Contribute! Let me know if there’s something missing.


Articles about UI content:



Books relevant to UI content:

Examples of “good content”

There are many examples of great content that deserves to be on this list. Please share them!

UI / UX patterns:


Voice and Tone

Voice and tone play an important part in writers’, designers’, and content strategists’ jobs. Writers, since you’re working directly with an interface, it’s good for you to understand how voice and tone works. You might even help your strategist friends create your own guide.

Articles on how to write voice and tone guidelines:


Prototyping and wireframing tools:

Writing and editing tools:

Data analysis tools for words:


Am I missing anything? Let me know! Send me a tweet with your resource and why you think it should be added.

Written by Megan Whalin

writer. dog mom. PNW.


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