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Top Writings of 2013

A small collection of awesome writings from 2013.

I can’t believe it’s already 2014. This past year was full of excitement and big changes. I readily welcome the new year.

As 2013 came to a close, I enjoyed reading the year in review articles by my community. There are many brilliant masterminds out there with excellent writings. Here is a small list of thoughts I deem worthy of a recap. Enjoy.

This is a web page. written by Justin Jackson

As content professionals, we understand the importance and power behind every word. Sometimes we get distracted by fancy designs or responsive layouts. Justin brings our focus back to the words, how we use them, and how we need the strength behind what we say before creating a strong design. You can follow Justin on Twitter and read more of his writings here.

The Imperfectionist written by Sara Wachter-Boettcher

“It’s not easy to broadcast our own flaws, of course. Not easy to hold our construction paper up for the whole class to see—to say, ‘here’s what I made. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine.'” Another brilliant piece, Sara explains how our imperfections are our perfections – we should be proud of everything we create. If you haven’t yet, read Sara’s book: Content Everywhere. She’s also on Twitter and writes about content strategy.

Don’t Poke the Bear: Creating Content for Sensitive Situations written by Kate Kiefer Lee

Kate’s known for her collaboration on MailChimp’s Voice and Tone Guide. In this piece she explains how our voice and tone is applied to sensitive situations and how we use empathy when dealing with angry customers. Follow Kate on Twitter. Also, if you’re not already reading A List Apart’s writings, you’re missing out.

The Art of Guerilla Usability Testing written by David Peter Simon

This is the best how-to usability testing article I’ve read thus far. David breaks it down into easy steps with important thoughts to keep in mind. I feel like I can go out and do my own usability testing, which is the point, right? Make sure you follow David on Twitter and check out his creations on Holiday Matinee and Indie Shuffle.

Designing user interfaces for your mother – 6 key takeaways written by Tony Gines

“As designers and developers, it’s our responsibility to make our websites not only useable, but enjoyable enough to come back to again and again.” Tony explain the importance of keeping our designs simple and user friendly – because our users are our moms. An absolute delight to read, this article is also very informative. Check out Tony’s personal website. He’s also on Twitter.

The Personal is Professional written by Lisa Maria

Lisa gets personal in this writing about empathy and content strategy. This was a huge theme for 2013. Check out more of her writings at The Future is Like Pie. She’s also quite funny on Twitter.

Want to Sell UX? Stop Talking UX! written by Elisabeth Hubert

In her talk at UX Cambridge, Elisabeth explains the importance of reaching our customers at their level rather than throwing around a bunch of terminology. Check out her consulting website and read her blog.

Why English Majors Are Good at the Internet written by Kate Daly

I might be a little biased – I was an English major as well. This short essay brings to light that English majors are smarter than you think: we can do a lot, are versatile in our skills, and can keep you from looking like an ass on paper. Plus, Kate Daly uses “verisimilitude”, one of my all time favorite words. Follow Kate on Twitter.

There Might Be Nudity written by James Gunter

Last, but especially not least, James wrote this hysterical piece on content. Be sure to read more of his writings at Zen Content, on Medium, and follow him on Twitter. He’s also presenting at Confab Minneapolis 2014.

Written by Megan Whalin

writer. dog mom. PNW.


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