Things I’ve learned about Seattle, Part II

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From Denver to the Pacific Northwest

  1. Colorado = Coloradans. Seattle = Seattleites. :)
  2. Seattle’s mentality is a lot more negative than Colorado’s. I need to change that.
  3. Hiking in these woods is like scenes right out of Jurassic Park. Every time you hear a rustle in the bushes you know it’s a Dilophosaurus waiting to attack.
  4. If you want the best ice cream of your life, take a trip to Molly Moon’s. They even have a Vegan Coconut Ice Cream for those gluten-dairy-soy intolerant folks. And guess what? It’s totally awesome.
  5. Seattle has its own hip-hop culture. Sir Mix-A-Lot and Macklemore are both from Seattle and are proud to represent their city. Posse on Broadway isn’t about New York.
  6. Kurt Cobain is also from Seattle. You can even tour his home. But the locals don’t go there because they think it’s lame and shames the grunge-rock prodigy.
  7. Late night bar-hopping? Don’t take your drunken hunger to Taco Bell. Head over to Dick’s Drive-In and order a Deluxe Burger, Fries, and a Milkshake for $6. Macklemore filmed one of his music videos on the roof of the original location.
  8. Twitter just signed a lease for a 16,000 square foot space in Seattle’s central business district. Twitter + Facebook + Amazon + Boeing + Microsoft = lots of jobs.
  9. Everything’s moist.
  10. The people here are smart. There’s never a dull conversation.

Written by Megan Whalin

writer. dog mom. PNW.


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