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Content Strategy: An Interview with Mike Rivera

I’ve been doing a lot of research about content strategy, its birth, and why (or why not) people in the tech industry think it’s important. It’s interesting to hear people’s thoughts about the industry and how content strategy directly affects their work in the UX community.

In a recent conversation with Mike Rivera, the Director of User Experience at Slice of Lime, Mike shared his own thoughts about content strategy.


When you think of content strategy, what do you think of?

My immediate thought is writing, editing and information architecture.

To you, and the work that you do, why is content strategy important?

UX is so broad, it necessitates that the practitioner have a wide breadth of experience and skill, not to mention depth. It’s not easy to acquire such a spectrum of knowledge. Gaps are inevitable and specialists can be a great way to fill those gaps. Content strategy is a great skill to add to any project, but individually, it also helps cover a topic someone may not be well versed in. It therefore presents an opportunity to learn and grow while it positively contributes to a project’s outcome. In other words, content strategy improves both a project and the team members on working on the project.

How does content strategy affect your work?

It strengthens ideas. How? By assuring that minute details, such as the subtle difference in meaning of two synonymous words, are aligned and support the overall concept.

Why do you think content strategy is important in everyday life?

In the digital world, content strategy is most strongly associated with writing and editing, but for me it easily covers information architecture topics like taxonomies and how content is organized. This affects everyone’s daily life whether it’s how content is found on a website to where groceries are found in a grocery store. Whoever made the decisions on how grocery store aisles were set up probably didn’t have a content strategy title, but they’re work was very similar in some ways.

In what ways do you deal with content every day?

I’m a curious person and spend some portion of every single day reading or exploring stories, ideas, etc. On the professional front, I deal with client content, but not as deeply as a content strategist would. As a UXer, I usually remain above granular concerns and think about content in aggregate terms. I do occasionally spend time thinking about individual words or phrases (like global navigation labels) but that’s about as far as I go. Otherwise, I deal in large content themes like product descriptions as a whole for an ecommerce site.


Be sure to check out Slice of Lime and their badass UX team. Also, take a look at Mike’s website and follow him on Twitter.

Written by Megan Whalin

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