The future of content strategy

Content strategists have been writing for large screens for some time now. In the past five years, we’ve transitioned to mobile with smaller screens, and with a larger demand. However, mobile is no longer “just” in our future; it’s upon us, now. With the advancements in technology changing everyday, content strategists are challenged to start thinking more strategically than ever.

Content Strategy: It’s too hard

This is an overview of a recent webcast with Sara Wachter-Boettcher, “How to get unstuck: content strategy for the future.” 

When working with “content everywhere,” we run into a lot of problems: the content is inaccessible, broken, missing, or often times, useless. It’s difficult ensuring that the correct content is displayed across multiple devices and channels. Content strategy focuses on these problems, identifying what content you’re going to publish, why, and how. And yet, it’s still feels too hard.