Things I’ve learned about Seattle, Part II

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From Denver to the Pacific Northwest

  1. Colorado = Coloradans. Seattle = Seattleites. :)
  2. Seattle’s mentality is a lot more negative than Colorado’s. I need to change that.
  3. Hiking in these woods is like scenes right out of Jurassic Park. Every time you hear a rustle in the bushes you know it’s a Dilophosaurus waiting to attack.

Content strategy: A consistent voice and story

A look at two companies who use a consistent voice and story in their content strategy, and how it builds trust and credibility for their organization.

Voice is the unique sound to your company, representing both your brand and personality. Your voice influences everything about your business, from client meetings to speaking events to internal communications. It also affects all communication methods: social media, blogs, website content, printed content, advertising, newsletters, etc.