photo: Megan WhalinHi there, my name is Megan Whalin; I’m a writer by trade, excellent cook by night, and an avid explorer by heart. I currently work at HBO Seattle as a user experience writer. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with the brilliant folks at Twitter, Wolfram Research, UIE, Avvo, and some rad startups.

My writing career has been a wild ride. In 2010, I started as a copywriter crafting copy for small businesses and startups. That quickly turned from long-form content to short-form and I began writing for companies’ websites. A smart little book titled The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane opened new doors and I started practicing content strategy. I became fascinated with information architecture and user experience design and read everything I got my hands on. Once I met Adam Churchill with UIE, my content strategy-focused career turned user experience and I began writing for and about products ever since.

I’m naturally a thoughtful, empathetic person which makes me an even better writer. My writing style is conversational. I want my customers to feel like they’re talking with a human, whether that’s through an online transaction or a simple chat bot dialogue. I studied the art of storytelling in college which greatly informs each user experience I create. It’s not only about the words we use but the journey a customer takes while using our products.

I spend much of my free time outdoors. My current favorite is cross country skiing. As soon as the weather turns warm, I’m likely to spend time kayaking on Puget Sound, hiking in the Pacific Northwest Rainforests, playing fetch with my dog, or reading a good novel under the shade of a tree. I love traveling and immersing myself in new cultures even if that means getting out of my comfort zone. Once you really get to know me, I’ll have you over for dinner. I make an incredible butternut squash risotto and eggplant parmesan.

Someday I hope to live in a place that offers both the adventure of mountains and the comfort of sand and waves at my feet. I need a little more sunshine and a little less rain.